Best of Category - We Choose the Moon

<p><b>Defying Gravity</b></p><p>The We Choose the Moon site is part time machine, part space travel simulator. This envy worthy web project let people re-live the moon landing in real-time exactly 40 years after the original mission. The four-day event was a feat of both mad tech skills and engaging storytelling. People could listen to the original NASA audio while experiencing animations that re-created each important stage of the mission and enjoying a host of other rich content.</p><p>“It’s an amazing play by play recreation of the lunar landing mission that grabbed me through sight, sound and intellectual means,” says judge Ron Thompson. “I could seriously listen to just the radio transmissions for hours, probably my favorite thing about the site amongst all the other wonderful content.” Judge Drew Ungvarsky says his whole office tuned in for the live event and felt like they were taking part in something special. “This was an ambitious idea with an execution to back it up,” he says.</p><p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Advertising agency: The Martin Agency and Domani Studios<br />Creative directors: Joe Alexander, Jonathan Hills<br />Art directors: Brian Williams, Ben Tricklebank<br />Technical director: Oscar Trelles<br /> Copy writer: Wade Alger<br />Interactive designers: Justin Young, Saulo Rodrigues<br />Animator: Peter Safwenberg<br />Agency producers: Darbi Fretwell, Norma Kwee<br />Account handlers: Carrie Bird, Jarrod Bull<br />Director of innovation: Mark Pavia<br />Art producer: Cindy Hicks<br />Interactive producer: Steven Hubert<br />Senior developer: Mark Llobrera<br />Flash developer: Chris Wise<br />Editors: Rick Lawley, Jim Vaile<br />Assistant editor: Shang Gao<br />Composer: Chip Jenkins<br /></p><p>Note: Brian Williams did not participate in judging this entry. The other two judges unanimously chose it as Best of Category.</p>

Design Distinction - 574 Clips

<p>“Equal parts hipster collectible, match game and orphan shoe humane society. Should inspire envy from digital marketers and limited edition design hounds alike.” --Judge Brian Williams</p><p>Agency: Mother<br />Creative directors: Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom<br />Art directors: Jed Grossman and Mark Aver<br />Copywriters: Ben Hughes and Jon Lancaric<br />Creative technologist: Rey Peralta<br />Designer: Derrick Lee<br />Producer (creative): Imogen Bailey<br />Assistant producer: Bryan Reisberg<br />Art producer: Amita Sehgal<br />Production company: Greencard Pictures<br />Executive producers: Nick Kadner and Emily Wiedemann<br />Producer: Max Knies<br />Post supervisor: Mike Sobo<br />Interactive agency: Almighty<br />Studio director: Paul Larrow<br />Senior Flash developer: Marc Leuchner<br />Technology manager: Jeff Wilder<br />Account director (interactive): Emily Daniel<br />Client: New Balance</p>

Design Distinction - Kodak Interactive Tradeshow Exhibit

<p>“I have to believe the beauty and simplicity of the installation itself said at least as much to consumers about Kodak’s brand as the content it displayed.” --Judge Brian Williams</p><p>Description: Kodak partnered with Mirror Show Management to transform their tradeshow booth experience and to stand out from the competition by creating an entirely interactive environment that shifted the customer conversation from equipment “speeds and feeds” to tailored solutions.</p><p> Initial brainstorming and creative concept by Mirror Show Management and <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Blue Telescope</a>, content compiled by Partners & Napier and User Experience/User Interface/Software/Hardware-Design, Development, and Final execution by Obscura Digital, all as produced, managed and overseen by Mirror Show Management. <br /><br /> Client: Eastman Kodak Company</p>

Design Distinction - PUMA L.I.F.T

<p>“Single minded and effortless in its execution. Remains a delight long after its simple point has been delivered.” --Judge Brian Williams</p><p>Client: Puma<br />Agency: Droga5<br />Creative chairman: David Droga<br />Executive creative directors: Duncan Marshall, Ted Royer<br />Creative directors: Scott Witt, Kevin Brady<br />Art directors: Kenny Kim, Brennan Boblett<br />Head of integrated production: Sally-Ann Dale<br />Executive producer, digital: Sandra Nam<br />Producer, digital: David Ross<br />Producer, broadcast: Thomas Beug<br />Director: Juan Delcan, Nola Pictures<br />Digital agency: Firstborn Creative director: Joon Park<br />Art director: Hannah Lee<br />Lead Flash developer: Jens Fischer<br />Executive director: Dan LaCivita<br />Senior producer: Melissa Jarosz<br />Producer: Will Russell<br />Lead 3D designer/animation: Eric Eng<br />Animation/video post production: Michael Kuzmich<br />3D modeling: Andrew Jerez</p>

Design Distinction - Synchronous Objects

<p>“Synchronous Objects is mesmerizing. It’s simple and complex in all the right places. I’d not seen anything like it.” --Judge Drew Ungvarsky</p><p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: From dance to data to objects, Synchronous Objects reveals the interlocking systems of organization in the choreography of William Forsythe’s One Flat Thing, reproduced (2000) through a collection of information objects in the form of computer animation, generative graphics and interactive tools.</p><p>Creative directors: William Forsythe, Maria Palazzi and Norah Zuniga Shaw<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Produced by: The Forsythe Company and Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design and Department of Dance at The Ohio State University<br />Ohio State Project Team: <br />Generative Designer: Matthew Lewis (ACCAD) and Graduate Research Associates: Beth Albright (design), Michael Andereck (computer science), Sucheta Bhatawadekar (design), Hyowon Ban (geography), Andrew Calhoun (architecture), Jane Drozd (design), Joshua Fry (design), Melissa Quintanilha (design), Anna Reed (department of dance), Benjamin Schroeder (computer science), Lily Skove (dance), Ashley Thorndike (dance), and Mary Twohig (design), tracermedia (application architecture)<br />Consulting Researchers: Ola Ahlqvist (geography), Peter Chan (design), Noel Cressie (statistics) and Stephen Turk (architecture), Scott deLahunta (research fellow at Amsterdam School of the Arts), Jill Johnson (Forsythe Company), Christopher Roman (Forsythe Company), and Elizabeth Waterhouse (Forsythe Company)</p>

Design Distinction - Walt Disney Family Museum Interactives

<p>“Second Story’s installations are always impressive. The scale of this one in particular sets it apart.” --Judge Drew Ungvarsky</p><p>Design firm: Second Story Interactive Studios<br />Producers: Jennifer Guibord, Melissa Paugh<br />Designers: Alberto Cerriteno, Kieran Lynn, Martin Linde, Erica Hassinger, Matt Sundstrom<br />Motion designers: Alberto Cerriteno, Tim Kviz, Martin Linde, Mike Olson, Alphonse Swinehart<br />Technology director: Thomas Wester<br />Developers: Matt Arnold, Vance Feldman, Matt Gitchell, Michael Godfrey, Oliver McGinnis<br />Lead systems developer: David Brewer<br />Video editors: Tim Kviz, David Waingarten<br />Design assistant: Nina Pavlich<br />Production artist: Rebecca Rosen<br />Artist: Floyd Norman<br />Production/QA assistants: Elizabeth Bourke, Nina Pavlich, Michael Neault, Rebecca Rosen<br />Sound design: Audio Wells<br />Content development: Walt Disney Family Foundation<br />A/V media design: Batwin & Robin<br />A/V integration: BBI<br />Exhibit design: Rockwell Group<br />Client: Walt Disney Family Foundation<br />Photo credit: Images Courtesy The Walt Disney Company and The Walt Disney Family Museum, LLC. (c)Disney<p>

Honorable Mention - Big Boston Warm-Up

<p>Client: Lands’ End<br />Creative director: Adam Smith<br />Project manager: Richard Swaziek<br />Technical project manager: T. Jay Maddox<br />Digital agency: Firstborn<br />Art director: Aaron Pollick<br />Lead developer: Dofl Yun<br />Developers: Phil Baudoin, Ken Bak, Miller Medeiros<br />3D designers: Michael Kuzmich, Brett Swanson<br />Sound designer: Brett Swanson<br />Junior design: Tony Yoo<br />Executive producer: Crystinue Cho</p>

Honorable Mention - Bravo Gustavo

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: Hello partnered with the LA Phil to create an integrated campaign featuring a new website, online game and iPhone application to welcome Gustavo Dudamel, the 28-year-old conducting prodigy and new LA Phil Music Director.</p><p>Agency: Hello Design<br />Creative director: David Lai<br />Creative director: Hiro Niwa<br />Lead designer: Eunice Oh<br />Lead designer: Hajime Himeno<br />Flash developer: Erich Binder<br />Technical lead: Hugo Zhu<br />Technical lead: Justin Blackwell<br />Account director: Scott Arenstein<br />Project lead: Barry Chiang<br />Client: Los Angeles Philharmonic</p>

Honorable Mention - Callaway Golf - Hit It Pure

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: Hello created an online game for Callaway Golf that provides a virtual way to experience hitting a pure shot with Callaway Golf’s latest Fusion drivers: the FT-iQ and FT-9.</p><p>Agency: Hello Design<br />Creative director: David Lai<br />Creative director: Hiro Niwa<br />Design director: Sung Hean Baik<br />Lead designer: Christine Yu<br />Designer: Hajime Himeno<br />Flash director: Steven Sacks<br />3D designer: Caius Wong<br />Account director: Scott Arenstein<br />Project lead: Barry Chiang<br />Client: Callaway Golf</p>

Honorable Mention - Chipotle iPhone App

<p>Description: The Chipotle iPhone app let’s you find the nearest Chipotle restaurant, create a custom order and pay for it all from the palm of your hand. The app let’s you browse the entire menu, customize your order and save favorites and credit card info for next time.</p><p>Design firm: Sequence<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Strategy director: Tac Leung<br />Designers: Anna Tou, Amadeus Demarzi Illustrator: Karen West<br />Project manager: Uyen Vitti<br />Client: Chipotle</p>

Honorable Mention - Dance Motion Capture

<p>Description: In this real time and dynamic markerless motion capture experience, visitors see their own dance moves performed by their favorite Sony-animated characters.</p><p>Design firm: Unified Field<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Creative director: Maureen Lin<br />Design director: Marla Supnick<br />Director of technology: Jeff Miller<br />Animation: Valeria Pivovarova and Thomas Taveres<br />Client: Sony Wonder Technology Lab</p>

Honorable Mention - Ford SmartGauge with Eco Guide

<p>Description: SmartGauge with Eco Guide is an LCD based instrument cluster for Ford hybrids that for the first time ever coaches drivers to help save fuel.</p><p>Design: Ford Design Team, Smart Design and IDEO<br />Websites: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a>, <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Client: Ford Motor Company</p>

Honorable Mention - From Memory to Action: Meeting the Challenge of Genocide

<p>Description: Potion, C&G Partners and Small Design Firm created a new interactive experience for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “From Memory to Action” focuses on the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur and asks visitors to take action right inside the exhibit.</p><p>Design firms: C&G Partners; Potion; Small Design Firm, Inc.; Architrave (Architects of Record for Room Renovation)<br />Art directors: Jonathan Alger, C&G Partners; Emanuela Frigerio, C&G Partners; Jared Schiffman, Potion; David Small, Small Design Firm, Inc.; Phillip Tiongson, Potion<br />Designers: Daniel Fouad, C&G Partners; Pamela Jacobson, C&G Partners; Laura Koo, C&G Partners; Justin Manor, Small Design Firm, Inc.; Caroline Oh, Potion; Sarah Pokora, C&G Partners; Avi Weinstein, Small Design Firm, Inc.<br />Photographers: C&G Partners; Potion; Small Design Firm, Inc.; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />Writer: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />Client: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum</p>

Honorable Mention - Giant Heart

<p>Description: It’s been called the “most amazing view of the heart you can get without rib spreaders.” The stunningly realistic Giant Heart (over 13 feet tall and 6 feet wide) beats in synch to a user’s pulse while revealing the inner workings of the organ in exquisite detail.</p><p>Design firm: Thinc<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Principal: Tom Hennes<br />Designer: Julie Chung<br />Engineering and media production: BBI Engineering with XVIVO<br />Exhibit fabrication: Maltbie<br />Metal fabrication: Milgo/Bufkin and Haresh Lalvani<br />Media playback and projection: 7thSense<br />Client: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago</p>

Honorable Mention - Herman Miller

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: Renowned for bringing us the workplace icon, the Aeron chair, and beloved modern classics from Eames, Nelson, and Noguchi, Herman Miller partnered with Hello to form a digital strategy and design a new website to embrace the brand idea of “for a better world around you.”</p><p>Agency: Hello Design<br />Creative director: David Lai<br />Creative director: Hiro Niwa<br />Design director: Sung Hean Baik<br />Lead designer: Eunice Oh<br />Lead designer: Christine Yu<br />Lead designer: Hajime Himeno<br />Technical lead: Justin Blackwell<br />Account director: Scott Arenstein<br />Executive producer: Szu Ann Chen<br />Project lead: Barry Chiang<br />Client: Herman Miller</p>

Honorable Mention - Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame Design Your Own Ballpark

<p>Design firm: Second Story Interactive Studios<br />Technology director: Thomas Wester<br />Producer: Erica Dillon<br />Designer: Christian Bannister<br />3-D animation: Matt Arnold<br />Lead integration engineer: Matt Arnold<br />Developers: Vance Feldman, Matt Arnold<br />Writer: Garth Guibord<br />Production artist: Rebecca Rosen<br />Quality assurance: Heather Daniel, Nina Pavlich<br />Video design: Real Media<br />A/V integration: Edwards Technologies Inc.<br />Stadium & exhibit design: Populous</p>

Honorable Mention - Make History

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: Make History is a worldwide online initiative to gather any and every 9/11 story in an effort to understand history from the perspective of those who witnessed it. Each photo is overlaid on a current street-view image of the present day, creating a “double exposure” of past and present. It speaks to where we are today: streets are filled with normal everyday activity but haunted by their past events.</p><p>Design studio: Local Projects<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Art director: Jake Barton<br />Graphic designer: Katie Lee<br />Interaction designer: Ian Curry<br />Developers: Brian House, Andrew Mahon, Stephan Thiel<br />Producer: A’yen Tran<br />Client: National September 11 Memorial & Museum</p>

Honorable Mention - NIKE 6453 Interactive Table

<p>Description: A multi-touch table with unique interface designed to be viewed from four orientations, where you would spend time playing with its content, transferring digital materials via Bluetooth/USB, or e-mailing its content to your friends.</p><p>Design: XXtraLab DESIGN<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Interactive director: Ting-Han Chen<br />Design director: Chi-Fa Fan<br />Art director: Jo-Chien Chen<br />Physical interaction designer: Guo-Dong Lin<br />Lead visual designer: Chi-Huang Lu<br />Visual designer: Chu-Hsiang Chen<br />Lead programmer: Hsin-Hou Lin<br />Programmers: Jing-Ji Chang, Wingly Shih<br />Client: NIKE Taiwan</p>

Honorable Mention - odosketch

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: odosketch is a digital drawing canvas with soft color palettes, papery textures and intentional imperfections that make working in the program feel more like an actual sketchbook. We also added a playback feature that recreates a drawing from an empty canvas to the completed piece, animating the drawer’s brush strokes (complete with erasures, cross-outs and do-overs) and revealing the creative process at work.</p><p>Designer: Odopod<br />Website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Creative director: Tim Barber<br />Technical director: David Bliss<br />Senior producer: Molly Dowd<br />Creative director: Jason Hardy<br />Senior developer: Nathan Manousos<br />Junior designer: Lindsay Burtner<br />Curator, content manager: Allison McCarthy<br />Developer: Steve Mason </p>

Honorable Mention - Sony Altus

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: To launch Sony’s Altus Wireless multi-room music system, we developed an integrated campaign including a video-driven microsite with product discovery features, posters at point-of-sale, and a series of live action videos for interactive retail kiosks at Best Buy and Sony Style stores.</p><p>Agency: Hello Design<br />Creative director: David Lai<br />Creative director: Hiro Niwa<br />Design director: Sung Hean Baik<br />Lead designer: Christine Yu<br />Designer: Hajime Himeno<br />Editor: Chris Halmo<br />Flash director: Steven Sacks<br />Flash developer: Michael Keesey<br />Sound: Marcelo Baldin<br />Executive producer: George Lee<br />Project lead: Barry Chiang<br />Client: Sony</p>

Honorable Mention - The Magic Story Table

<p>Project website: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> </p><p>Description: By tilting and spinning The Magic Story Table, visitors can virtually “fly” anywhere to discover personal stories on an immersive treasure map of the world, then zoom into a specific story location to witness where it took place while listening to the storyteller relate the tale in their own voice.</p><p>Designers: JD Beltran + Scott Minneman<br />Websites: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a>, <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a> <br />Clients: The San Francisco Arts Commission, The Cleveland IngenuityFest<br />Software designer: Dale MacDonald, Onomy Labs<br />Student writing coaching: Author Stephen Elliott and 826 Valencia: The Writing Center </p>

Honorable Mention - Tony Hawk RIDE

<p>Description: Tony Hawk RIDE game peripheral for the X-Box, PS3 and Wii platforms.</p><p>Design firm: Product Council<br />Website:<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a><br />Project team: Robert Sheldon and Greg Foster<br />Client: Activision</p>

Honorable Mention - Voices of Liberty

<p>Description: The interactive audio installation, Voices of Liberty, shares the intimate memories of immigrants reacting to the experience of arriving in New York for the first time. Installed at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the installation creates a soundscape of voices overlooking the Statue of Liberty.</p><p>Design firms: C&G Partners; Potion<br />Art directors: Jonathan Alger, C&G Partners; Emanuela Frigerio, C&G Partners; Maya Kopytman, C&G Partners; Jared Schiffman, Potion; Phillip Tiongson, Potion<br />Designers: Hyun Auh, C&G Partners; Redrick DeLeon, C&G Partners; Daniel Fouad, C&G Partners; Laura Koo, C&G Partners; Max Millermaier, C&G Partners; Caroline Oh, Potion<br />Photographers: Melanie Einzig; C&G Partners; Potion<br />Writer: Museum of Jewish Heritage<br /> Client: Museum of Jewish Heritage</p>