Best of Category - X Exhibition Space

Bright Lights, Big Type

The environmental graphics for X Exhibition prove that florescent bulbs are good for more than lighting bland cube farms. For this global design competition in China, simple fluorescent tubes create a typography system that serves as both signage and lighting for the exhibit. “The florescent lights not only transfer the exhibit information, but they also represent the force of the young designers in the show through bright and pure light,” says Hei Yiyang, creative director, SenseTeam.

Judge Sheri L Koetting appreciated the innovative use of light and type, as well as the way luminosity engages viewers throughout the project—from the exhibit’s interior to posters and lights mounted on outdoor fences. “It’s not just one piece like an annual report,” says judge John Clifford. “It’s this well thought out identity for the entire exhibit that gets used in all these different forms.” Plus, it’s a perfect example of China’s rising presence in the design world.

Project website:
Description: We created a unique system of typeface—characters of light—by choosing modulating tubes to be in the whole exhibition.
Creative director: Hei Yiyang
Designers: Hei Yiyang, Liu Zhao, Zhao Meng, Wang Xiaomeng, Huang Muqiu, Liu Fuyu, Zhan Ting
Photographer: Zhang Qing
Client: SGDA (Shenzhen Graphic Design Association)

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Design Distinction - Ballerina Who Loves B-Boyz

“I really love the die cuts that expose the walls and graffiti beneath.” –Judge Sheri L Koetting

Description: This is a poster for a non-verbal dance performance “Ballerina who loves B-Boyz.” The love between a dynamic B-boy and a beautiful ballerina was expressed by powerful brush strokes and delicate fine lines.

Design company: 601bisang
Creative direction/art direction: Park Kum-jun
Graphic design: Park Kum-jun
Illustration: Park Jae-min
Client: SJ B-boyz, Seoul

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Design Distinction - BOOKtiga 2009

“To me, the message and the medium are in perfect harmony. As designers, we’re so compelled to trash what we did last year and start over. Here they’re incorporating last year’s materials into this year’s campaign.” –Judge Sheri L Koetting

Description: Since many posters remained from last year’s used book festival, we decided not only to use them, but also to stress the element of used goods. So the posters were painted over, with details of the old poster still visible, carrying the message that used goods, cleverly employed, can have the same value as new ones.

Design: Studio Sonda
Client: Gradska knjižnica Porec
Art/creative directors: Kristina Poropat, Jelena Šimunovic, Sean Poropat
Designers: Ana Buršic, Tina Erman, Aleksandar Živanov

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Design Distinction - Dinamo

“Designers often want to use special effects, but for a company that focuses on solar energy, glowing ink acts as a communication tool rather than a gimmick.” --Judge Sheri L Koetting

Description: The company focuses on providing advice about the collection of solar energy for the development of photovoltaic plants. The graphic proposal involved using the typography of the dynamo brand as a light collector to store energy during the day.

Designer: Eduardo del Fraile
Client: Miguel Pelegrin
Printer: Tipografía San Francisco

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Design Distinction - End the Lies - HRC 2009 Annual Report

“It’s such a serious subject matter, but it’s not cold—it’s engaging. The big type, bold color and appealing info graphics all pull you in.” –Judge John Clifford

Description: The theme “Ending the Lies” was a way to raise awareness with a very direct approach; using the words of those speaking out, for, and against the Human Rights Campaign.

Design firm: Design Army
Creative directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure
Designer: Sucha Becky Printer: Mosaic Inc
Client: Human Rights Campaign

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Design Distinction - expansion in all dimensions

“This made me smile—the bright colors, the cover. I was expecting it to be a bunch of zines, so when it turned out to be a corporate report, I loved that juxtaposition.” –Judge Sheri L Koetting

Description: Enablis is a Canadian-based not-for-profit success story. The 2009 annual report is made up of four small booklets delivered in a stretchable net, like the ones used to package fruits. Each booklet presents the theme: expansion in all dimensions. EXPANSION (the vision), IN (the countries of operation), ALL (the members), DIMENSIONS (the partnership).

Creative director: Barbara Jacques
Art director: Richard Bélanger
Designer: Richard Bélanger
Photos from: Enablis
Writer: Patricia Doiron
Production artists: Daniel Cartier, Nathalie Boucher
Producer: René-Paul Daneault
Printer: Transcontinental Litho Acme, Éric Leblanc
Client: Enablis

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Design Distinction - Get Tested!

“It’s the concept I love here. The idea that as more people get tested the poster—and the disease—began to disappear.” –Judge John Clifford

Description: The more people get tested, the less HIV viruses there are.

Art director: Stefan Sagmeister
Designer: Joe Shouldice
Programming: Mark Collins
Size: A0
Client: Levi’s Strauss

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Design Distinction - Human Rights Watch 2009 Annual Report

“The handling of the information is incredibly compelling and drew me in. They’re really advocating quite successfully.” –Judge Sheri L Koetting

Description: The Human Rights Watch 2009 Annual Report translates the organization’s complex initiatives into accessible and simplified stories that capture the objectives, actions and profound impact of their work while also demonstrating Human Rights Watch’s vast reach and influence throughout the world.

Firm name: Sullivan
Executive creative director: John Paolini
Art director: Cassandra Zimmerman
Senior designer: Maria Malyshev Principal: Nicole Ferry
Marketing director: Tina Citron
Marketing manager: Carly Kreps

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Design Distinction - OUCH

“The way this poster was created—burning the word ouch into the paper with magnifying glasses and the sun—cleverly gets the environmental message across.” –Judge John Clifford

Description: A matrix of magnifying glasses and the sun’s energy were used to burn holes into the paper in a response to climate change.

Design firm: Alt Group
Creative director: Dean Poole
Designers: Aaron Edwards, Max Lozach

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Design Distinction - Ring Roads of the World

“They’ve taken something people might not even think about—urban sprawl—and turned it into a design that’s beautiful and meaningful.” –Judge Sheri L Koetting

Description: For this poster, designed to promote Rice University’s architecture programs, we collected and documented an international assortment of 27 ring road systems, drew them all at the same scale, and stacked them from the largest to smallest system to produce the figure shown.

Design: Thumb/Luke Bulman and Jessica Young
Client: Rice University School of Architecture

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Design Distinction - The Burnham Plan Centennial Streetscape Exhibition

“I feel like I responded on such a gut level to this project. It’s talking about history, but it feels so new—and like a natural part of Chicago.” –Judge John Clifford

Description: An installation of 24 unique dimensional exhibition panels, along with banners and LED-lit CTA panels, were designed to celebrate the Plan of Chicago by honoring Burnham and his historic vision: capturing ideas and reflections of today, and by provoking thoughts about the future of urban life.

Design: Studio/lab, Chicago
Directors: Marcia Lausen, Jody Work
Designers: Jody Work, Caroline Young, Hillary Geller, Meeyoung Melamed
Copywriters: Marcia Lausen, Trysh Wahlig
Photographers: Tim Wilson, Jody Work
Client: Chicago Loop Alliance

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Honorable Mention - Airplot

Description: Identity for Greenpeace’s campaign against Heathrow Airport’s proposed third runway.

Designer: Airside
Client: Greenpeace

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Honorable Mention - Boralex 2008 Annual Report

Description: To create an annual report reflecting Boralex’s dynamism and expertise in renewable energy, we designed a simple black and white grid with a twist--colored pages bound at different angles to suggest the rotary motion of a wind turbine.

Design firm: Paprika
Creative director: Louis Gagnon
Designer: René Clément
Client: Boralex

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Honorable Mention - Cascades 2008 Report on Sustainable Development

Description: We designed an environmentally friendly communication tool with vegetable inks, papers with post-consumer fibers, no varnish, and a paperboard cover that allowed it to mail without extra wrapping. The piece is also easy to browse with colored sections presenting three axes of sustainable development--environment, society and the economy.

Design firm: Paprika
Creative director: Louis Gagnon
Designer: Sébastien Bisson
Client: Cascades

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Honorable Mention - CATALOG 25

Description: Each season Karla Colletto needs to reinvent her line of swimsuits to keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry. In 2009 it marked 25 years for the designer, so we proposed a retrospective look at past lines and designs.

Design firm: Design Army
Creative directors: Pum Lefebure and Jake Lefebure
Designer: Lucas Badger
Writer: Holly Sheldon
Printer: Mosaic Inc
Client: Karla Colletto

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Honorable Mention - I'M OK! mini first aid

Project website:

Description: The I’M OK! mini first aid line emphasizes convenience and portability of first aid products that are designed to become people’s little first aid friends.

Designers: Barbara Kohler, Karlheinz Schempp
Clients: Parents, caregivers, children and everyone with an active lifestyle

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Honorable Mention - Maine College of Art - Make it your own

Project website:

Description: An art college admissions view book that challenges the norms of recruitment communications with a bold, flexible, environmentally responsible form and compelling, cohesive design, writing and photography.

Design: Friskey Design/Janet Friskey, Sherborn, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine
Writer: Gabe Goldberg
Primary photographer: Richard Howard
Project manager: Molly Hunt
Printer: Kirkwood Printing
Prepress: Boston Color Graphics
Client: Maine College of Art/MECA, Portland, Maine

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Honorable Mention - Moomah

Project website:

Description: Full brand development for Moomah, a creative arts cafe in Tribeca in New York City, including brand identity development, print collateral design (business cards, stationery, menu, postcard, brochure and stickers), package design (hot and cold cups, and shopping bags), environment design (signage and window graphics), and website design and development.

Design firm: Apartment One
Client: Tracey Stewart

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Honorable Mention - MTV Video Music Awards

Description: Prologue’s sophisticated yet surprising solution to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards incorporates annotated landscapes that are alive--constantly modifying themselves in subtle but surreal ways.

Designed and produced by: Prologue Films
Director/creative director: Ilya Abulhanov
Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Design and animation: Clarisa Valdez, Georgia Tribuiani, Andrew Hildebrand, Jonny Sidlo, Takayuki Sato, Daniel Kloehn, Lilit Hayrapetyan, Gary Mau, Pietro Desopo
Editing: Gabriel J. Diaz, Brant Duncan
Sound design and music: Ben Lukas Boysen/HECQ

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Honorable Mention - Nike Max to Maxim Timeline

Description: This graphic timeline launching the Nike Air Maxim charts the evolution of Nike Air, from its 1970’s origins through to the featured shoe--the 2009 Air Maxim.

Art directors: Dan Richards and Lael Tyler (Opolis Design), Chris Isenberg (Office of AIR), Michael Shea (Nike Sportswear)
Designer: Lael Tyler (Opolis Design)
Illustrator: James Blagden (Office of AIR)
Copywriter: Rick Albano
Photographer: Lael Tyler
Client: Michael Shea and Julien Cahn (Nike Sportswear)

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Honorable Mention - NMB 75 Annual Report

Description: The 2009 Annual Report marked the 75th Anniversary for the NMB and we set out to create an annual that takes a look back at the airline and railway industries since 1934 and prior. The use of archive images set the tone for the annual while bold color overlays bring the images into the current timeframe.

Design firm: Design Army
Creative directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure
Designer: Taylor Buckholz
Printer: Fannon Fine Printing
Client: National Mediation Board

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Honorable Mention - Park Bank Annual Report

Description: The Park Bank brand is refreshing, so creating their annual report on a coffee cup was a natural.

Design firm: Knupp & Watson & Wallman
Designer: Sara Oakley
Writer: Elizabeth Jones
Associate creative director: Mike Bass
Production services director: Tim Christian
Client: Park Bank

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Honorable Mention - Target

Agency: Mother New York
Executive creative directors: Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom
Creative directors: Michael Ian Kaye, Bobby Hershfield
Art director: Rob Trostle
Copywriter: Bobby Hershfield
Designers: Takashi Kusui, Wei Leih Lee and Peter Karras
Art producer: Amita Sehgal
Mother: Amy Becker and Debra Sercy
Post production: Rondell Meeks and TAG Worldwide
Photographer: Lacey
Prop stylist: Jerry Schwartz
Fashion stylist: Sean Spellman
Client: Target

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Honorable Mention - Thinking outside the chair

Description: To coincide with the launch of Formway Design’s new product Be, a book was created to provide evidence of the investigation, exploration and design process that led to the development of the product.

Design firm: Alt Group
Creative director: Dean Poole
Designers: Max Lozach, Dean Poole, Tony Proffit, Aaron Edwards, Toby Curnow
Writers: Dean Poole, David Walker, Pradeep Sharma
Photography: Brent Humphreys (, Duncan Cole (, Maria Moore (, Toaki Okano (, Thomas Prior (, Formway Design (, Alt Group (, Paul McCredie
Client: Formway Design

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Honorable Mention - William Kentridge: Five Themes

Description: Book design for William Kentridge: Five Themes, a book that accompanied a major survey of the artist that debuted at SFMOMA before traveling to other museums.

Design firm: Pentagram
Art Director: Abbott Miller
Designers: Abbott Miller, Kristen Spilman
Client: SFMOMA

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